Throughout my career, I've always been that girl.

Every office has one: a person so caught up in cupcakes, so beset with buttercream, that they arrive almost every Monday with a new confection in tow. With the pop of a tupperware lid, I would introduce my latest baking endeavor. Sometimes it was a batch of  tried and true butterscotch white chocolate cookies; other times it was hand pies or lemon bars. Even my questionable attempts at Banoffee pie or chocolate coconut cake were met with appreciation, and the joy that I felt watching people enjoy something that I made was a feeling I savored.

A feeling that never went away.

After ten years of baking after business hours, I decided to start Sugarette City, a one-woman macaron operation. My obsession with macarons began during a honeymoon in Montmartre and stretched into our modest Lynnwood kitchen. After perfecting a cookie recipe, I worked to find flavors and fillings that would generate the same warm and fuzzy feeling of sweets past. I looked for local ingredients to fold into ganache or whip into egg whites. I experimented with spices and textures. After a while, I could look at almost anything and imagine a macaron, and that sprinkle of an idea became Sugarette City.   

Although I've honed my baking skills and polished up the presentation, I'm still that girl who wants to make someone smile with a cookie. Make yourself at home and explore a little piece of Paris and a big dream of mine. Welcome to Sugarette City!


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